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Hi! My name is Bob, I am in charge of my people here at Hendrifton Farm! We are very dog-friendly and welcome all dogs, I particularly like the ones that want to play with me! My people tell me that we welcome 3 little doggies, like me and Reka, or only 2 bigger dogs, like a proper collie or a labrador. We have blankets for the furniture, towels in case you get wet, an enormous safely-fenced field especially for doggy exercise and a meadow that leads on to a stream. I love the stream! I like to meet everybody, especially if they will play with me, and I have lots of personally tested recommendations for walks, beaches and dog-friendly cafes! You can keep up to date by reading my Bob blog!


16 Jan: My people tell me that we are in Lockdown and that's why we haven't been out much. I miss the beach and the moor but we have a great time running around Hendrifton Farm and we go to the farm shop and sometimes we walk to the lake. I hope we are allowed to have guests back soon.

10 Jan: We've had some really lovely frosty days recently so we've been able to run and play without getting muddy. I love playing but I don't really like being towel dried when it's been raining!

1 January 2021: Happy New Year! Hope to see you later on this year.

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