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Hi! My name is Bob, I am in charge of my people here at Hendrifton Farm! We are very dog-friendly and welcome all dogs, I particularly like the ones that want to play with me! My people tell me that we welcome 3 little doggies, like me and Reka, or only 2 bigger dogs, like a proper collie or a labrador. We have blankets for the furniture, towels in case you get wet, an enormous safely-fenced field especially for doggy exercise and a meadow that leads on to a stream. I love the stream! I like to meet everybody, especially if they will play with me, and I have lots of personally tested recommendations for walks, beaches and dog-friendly cafes! You can keep up to date by reading my Bob blog!


1 Feb: We had a lovely walk on Bodmin Moor today. It was a bit cold and quite windy but I got to run and explore ... and then my people took me into the Cheesewring Pub where I entertained some of the other customers! I really want summer to be here so I can play catch with lots of Hendrifton Farm guests!

4 Jan: We had an afternoon at Hannafore beach where my people and there people took part in the beach clean and me and Yaris were able to run and play in the rockpools; Happy and Reka had to stay on lead as they are no so well behaved as me!!

1 Jan 2020: Happy New Year everyone! I'm looking forward to another year at Hendrifton Farm, I hope you'll come to play with me soon.

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